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Wake up the benefits of free standing kitchen units

For most homeowners, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in their house. It’s the place where family meals are prepared and often eaten, cups of tea and gossips are enjoyed and late night glasses of wine are indulged in. Why not make the very most of your kitchen with a refit using free standing units?

If you’ve not heard of free standing kitchen units you’re not alone. For years now, fitted kitchens have been the more popular choice, with homeowners unaware of the benefits free standing units could bring. That tide is now turning as more and more people are realising what a difference they could make to their kitchen.

Free standing kitchen units are just that; they stand freely and are not fitted to the walls of your kitchen. This gives you the immediate advantage of being able to take your cabinets with you if you move home. You’ll also save around 20% on the cost of installing a fitted kitchen; a considerable saving when you bear in mind that the average kitchen costs around £8,000.

By the far the most popular reason for choosing free standing units is the versatility they offer. You can design your kitchen in exactly the way you want without having to concern yourself with standard sizes and dimensions which may not make the best use of your kitchen space. A kitchen cabinet can easily be constructed to fit an awkward corner or a narrow area. You could mix and match your kitchen, fitting some units in place and choosing free standing options for other areas. The most popular freestanding units are the Belfast sink unit, larder units and kitchen islands.

Your units can also be designed to your exact style. You’ll be able to choose the wood used, the worktop material, the handles and even the hinges to get the look you want for your home. You’ll work with a kitchen designer to finalise everything from the cabinet dimensions to the type of finish you want.

Start your kitchen redesign today with Olive-Branch.biz. Specialising in solid oak units, they are a husband and wife team who offer a complete service from design to installation.


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